Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Creation or Destruction?  

Shiva the Destroyer
The number 23...sprayed too close to the wall, the paint drips down...ugly...into a heart.  A sword pierces the heart, and the red, and the blood and the drips and the beauty.

Then there is a snake, a shadow in the darkness, the silhouette of a man.  I follow the snake, away from the man.  

The snake is changing from grey to acid green and purple grape.  Colors shoot out of his tail, yellow, orange, making arrows and geometric shapes.  

The snake is turning the darkness into color; like a sunrise; like a painting. Like the sun coming through my window into my eyes and opening my heart.
Brahma the Creator

When the dream ends there, with the snake and the sunrise, I know all of the beauty of the world. Time slows and I see into the eyes of those I pass. I feel connected and I feel at peace.

But when the dream ends with the dripping red numbers I know it is an omen and I am afraid.

Some days it rips me apart: art or vandalism? creation or destruction? beauty or chaos?

Art born of Vandalism. Creation out of Destruction. Beauty out of Chaos.

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